We're back! Thanks for being patient.

The store had to close as we restructured our product line to ensure that we were able to offer you more than just watches. We've expanded to a collection of sunglasses and bags; each with four different styles you can choose from. We have a lot of things planned for the future of this company that we're very excited for, with you always at the forefront of our focus. 

* * *

When I first started Lexton Harper Co., the one thing I wanted to keep in mind was to make sure that our customers were getting quality products at an affordable price. That the brand was presented without limitations to, or restrictions for only those with a thick wallet. I wanted to, and will continue to make sure that Lexton Harper Co is made for everyone, and affordable to everyone.

As owner and founder of this company, I would like to personally thank those who have shown LHCo support since day one, purchased an item from our store, visited or followed our Facebook or Instagram, and our influencers who have helped spread the name of our company. A special thanks to Wayne, who helped me build this company at launch. I'm grateful for your contribution to LH and I wish you the best in your future endeavours. 

For our new customers hearing about us for the first time; welcome and thank you for your support!


Christian Nambayan