#MYLHSTORY 1st Edition: Featuring Wayne, co-founder of Lexton Harper

Stories have a way of travelling through time and connecting with people, no matter where you are or where you come from. Introducing "My LH Story - 7 Days Edition", bringing to you real stories behind the day-to-day of our LHCo brand ambassadors. Today's #MYLHSTORY features our very own, Wayne, CEO and Co-founder of Lexton Harper Co.

Day 1 - Vancouver, Where It All Started

Vancouver, breezy afternoon. I find myself at home whenever I come to this Italian coffeeshop, which of course, features two of my all time favorites; my undeniable love for coffee and unwavering support for my favorite team, Juventus FC. Some things just won’t change, not even with time. Thank god for hometowns.


Day 2 - It's All About Balance 

Much time spent in the concrete jungle can have its toll on one’s body and mind - that is the case since moving to a city like Toronto. Cut throats and fast-paced. Retreating back into the nature, there is nothing in this world that can offer peace and quiet like it does. I would trade climbing the highest mountain over climbing the corporate ladder any day. And with a much better view too.

Day 3 - A Dream is Not Just a Dream

Time flies. It’s soon to be September and the bells ring again. Back in university, I majored in psychology. One might think I studied fashion or something. In fact, I find the mysteries of the mind much more fascinating than the way textile works on a body.

Growing up in an Asian family, my parents have always wanted me to graduate from a prestigious university, find a steady full-time job, get married and have kids. No one really cared about what I really want in life. I never wanted to follow the rules. I wanted to take risks. I sought to give success a deeper meaning in each failure. Despite disapproval from my parents, I decided to start a watch company with my business partner. I never liked the easy way out in life, I never liked it when the journey of my life was being predetermined by the paradigm of society.

Day 4 -  Entrepreneurship

That’s the difference between you and me. You wanna lose small, I wanna win big.” – Harvey Specter.

And just when I thought the 8am morning lectures were brutal back in university. I soon found myself with a corporate 9 to 5. But that’s not even the worst part yet. It is the countless hours growing someone else’s dreams while watching mine slippering further and further away. I chose my dreams instead. This entrepreneurial journey isn’t about the lectures, nor the countless hours anymore. Instead, it’s about the lessons learned and I’ve stopped counting the hours.

Day 5 - Photography + Content Creation

Capturing moments can be done in various ways; with our eyes, with a camera or with our senses. The beauty of photography is that you can do all three in just one instance.

People often say that content creators experience life and see the world through lenses only when in fact, we can do both at once. That’s the magic behind it. The chills we get when a gorgeous piece of content is created through a single capture and the excitement we urge to share it with the rest of the world. To urge YOU to go and see it for yourself; a place, a moment, an experience. Creating content for me is more than just taking pictures; it’s giving these moments a meaning and a story to tell forty years from now...


Day 6 - Timeless + Classic

While consumption is a luxurious right, I believe one must not indulge him or herself in temporary comfort but rather seek long-lasting pieces. There is something worth cherishing in that timeless and classic component. One day you look back and you can tell they’ve endured the test of time.

Back when I was an influencer, I also used to run a menswear fashion blog. I’ve always selected clothing based on its versatility and yet makes a statement for itself. I think that also reflects in my personality, and those are values that have imprinted on how I run LHCo as well — minimal, classy and affordable.


Day 7 - If You Don't Have Time, Make Time

The cost of ambition often comes with a high price. I’ve come to learn to manage my time like an investment banker would manage a portfolio – time is a valuable wealth.

While I have the honor of running two businesses, one with whom I share my personal and love life with, we know the value of what is not quantity, but quality time. All the successes and failures in life are meaningless without having someone to share them with. Be with someone who drives you, propels you and yet, would catch a fall with you. Always make time for the loved ones who love you back – for success is not defined by how well a business is doing but rather how well one is living.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my story. Stay tuned for our next #MYLHSTORY feature!