#MYLHSTORY 2nd Edition: Featuring Myriam Denis

Day 1 - Girl Boss


I’m a big city girl — the chaos has never bothered me and if anything, it has only helped me thrive. I’ve seen challenges come crashing through and shaking grounds; yet I’ve never lost sleep over it. As a young professional trying to carve my own way in the business of persuasion, self-mastery is an art of its own. And trust me when I say this, I’ve been around and I’ve seen it all. This is my story.


Day 2 - Winners Don't Make Excuses

I said it. I’ve been around and I’ve seen it all. There is no rest in lobbying and reputation management, really. Not when you’re in a position where your client can sleep tight at night knowing you’re keeping guard. That’s the reality of the high-stakes world in which you must defend your clients’ best interest. Most men get intimidated by what I do; they associate me to my work when they really should associate me to even greater things.


Day 3 - Wanderlust

One thing that I hold dear to heart is getting yourself out there and travel, alone or in a duo. The things you see and people you meet, it’s almost as if I always come back with a new perspective and a breakthrough on things in life. Time is not made but carefully crafted out for things that truly matter. And cheers to that, for one day our stories will be nothing more but experiences lived and told.


Day 4 - Floral Girl

Summer time has now come and gone and Fall has surely settled in, but nothing stops me from reminiscing about the warmer days back when this floral dress was nothing more than a simple choice to make. I love floral dresses and it’s such a shame that floral isn’t a reflection of our current season despite the golden pattern the leaves have painted.


Day 5 - I Don't Have Dreams, I Have Goals

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamt of having the world at her reach, she followed her dreams and she went for it. Her dreams became her vision, and her vision became her goal. Just like that and down the rabbit hole she goes. But unlike Alice in the Wonderland, her destiny isn’t to fight the Red Queen or end a reign of terror — she has at her feet a world she’d long to discover.


Day 6 - Sweet Escape

My guilty pleasure is having the liberty to indulge in ice cream and feeling no guilt whatsoever. Probably too late to be saying this, at least for this weather, but ice cream is to me the sweet words said by no men and the joy it brings at first bite, funny how food can be such a perfect pick-me-up sometimes. Besides, who said ice cream was only meant to be consumed during summer? In 2018, surely time has changed for any norms.


Day 7 - Set Your Priority Straight 

Being healthy goes far beyond what the scale tells you. It’s about taking care of your mental health just as much as your physical health — I’ve worked so hard to find balance in both. While I work in a high-stakes world where clients’ reputation and interests are at the heart of your dedication, I never put my well-being as a second tier priority. Why would I? Being the best is about how we make of ourselves, never about what the client makes of us.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my story. Stay tuned for our next #MYLHSTORY feature!